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(1/30/2018)– On January 23, 2018, SERS became aware of fraudulent activity on the online member portal. SERS immediately shut down the online portal and began investigating.

Through our investigation, we have determined that this is not a breach situation on the part of SERS. Rather, the intruders established new online accounts for 21 retirees using personal information that was stolen during the data breaches of other companies. The intent was to redirect pension payments to an online bank account that only they could access. We believe our investigation of the fraudulent activity has been thorough and that we have contacted everyone affected. 

If you established your own online account, it is highly unlikely you are affected. However, you should check your account just to be sure. As a precaution, SERS locked down numerous accounts that had recent activity or similarities to other accounts that were fraudulently accessed. We don’t believe these accounts were affected, and all you have to do is call us at 800-878-5853 to reopen the account.

Member Account Login Available

Click the button below to access the SERS Member Account Login portal:



To access and manage your account with SERS, you must create a new user profile, even if you previously created an account to use the old Member Account Login.

This is due to the enhanced capabilities and functionality available in the new system.