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 eSERS is SERS’ secure intranet designated just for our employers.  This tool provides employers with an effective, time-saving way to submit and view critical financial and employee information online.

If you are currently registered with eSERS, click the "Continue" button below to access your account.  Click here for a copy of the eSERS Guidebook.

If you are not registered with eSERS and would like to access this service, contact the Employer Web Administrator (EWA) for your school district. Your EWA can grant access to eSERS. If you have questions, call us toll-free at 877-213-0861 or email us at

eSERS is only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you currently use Google Chrome or Firefox, eSERS will not work with these internet browsers. If you access the eSERS login page through a “bookmark” or it’s marked as a “Favorite,” you may need to periodically reestablish the bookmark or favorite to avoid freezing.

Also, recent updates to eSERS have caused access issues for some eSERS users. If you have trouble accessing your eSERS account, please delete your browser history and cookies stored in your browser, and reboot your computer.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11.0 or above, you may encounter errors with eSERS. To resolve these errors, turn on “Compatibility View.”