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Our Mission and Values


Strategic Plan

Creating a secure retirement requires a partnership among members, employers, and public retirement systems, each with important responsibilities. 

The SERS Leadership team defined the responsibilities for each partner , four critical elements of retirement security, and created a Retirement Security Compact. This Compact described each partners’ responsibilities and provided a framework that the Leadership team used in developing strategic priorities and tactics.

Elements of a secure retirement include:

  • A  well thought-out plan for retirement
  • Sufficient financial resources
  • Good health
  • Life resources

In light of the Retirement Security Compact, the Leadership team identified five strategic priorities:

  • Develop Long-Term Plan for Pension Security
  • Develop Long-Term Plan for Healthcare Security
  • Ensure Effective Board and Staff Collaboration
  • Communicate Effectively with Stakeholders
  • Ensure Appropriate Resource Structure (human, financial, infrastructure)

View: Retirement Security Compact