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Member Publications

The publications below are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). You may need to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader™ to open them. If you prefer to receive a form or publication by mail, click here.

Publication Name

Beginning Your Journey: Member Handbook
Traveling Your Path: Member Benefits Guide
Understanding Your Survivor Benefits
Navigating a Change in Course: Member Disability Guide
Checklist: Applying for Retirement
Reaching Your Destination: Service Retirement Guide
Reaching Your Destination: Member Health Care Guide
Domestic Relations Guide
Informational Handouts
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Your SERS Retirement
Living the Dream: Retirement Planning Worksheet
Pension Reform: Changes You Need to Know
Social Security and Your SERS Pension
Reemployment: How It Affects Your Pension



Future Matters Summer 2017 - Early- to Mid-Career
  Summer 2017 - Mid- to Late-Career
  Winter 2017 - Early- to Mid-Career
  Winter 2017 - Mid- to Late-Career
  Summer 2016 - Mid- to Late-Career
  Spring 2016 - Early- to Mid-Career
  Spring 2016 - Mid- to Late-Career
SERS Update Fall 2016 - Statement 25.90a
  Fall 2016 - Statement 25.90b
  Fall 2016 - Statement 25.90c
  Fall 2016 - Statement 25.90d
  Summer 2015 - Statement A (25.90a)
  Summer 2015 - Statement B (25.90b)
  Summer 2015 - Statement C (25.90c)
  Summer 2015 - Statement D (25.90d)
News & Views Summer 2014 - Statement A (25.90a)
  Summer 2014 - Statement B (25.90b)
  Summer 2014 - Statement C (25.90c)
  Summer 2014 - Statement D (25.90d)
  Spring 2014
  Winter 2014