Annual Employer Statements and Surcharge Available

Annual Employer Statements for fiscal year 2018 are now available for viewing through eSERS. This statement includes contribution and payment detail for the fiscal year as posted through August 3, 2018.

Any activity for fiscal year 2018 received after August 3, 2018, will be posted to next year’s statement.

The process for this year’s statement has changed:

  • If there is an amount owed on the “Employee Activity” portion of the statement, that amount is due to SERS by September 14, 2018.
  • Any Amount Due to SERS on the “Employer Activity” portion of the statement, regardless of the amount, is due to SERS by September 14, 2018. Select any liability amounts that remain from FY2018 in the “Unpaid Liabilities” panel in the Payment Remittance application on eSERS.
  • If the Amount Due to SERS is reflected as a credit balance at the end of the statement, it is a refund due to the district. Example: Amount Due to SERS ($xxx.xx). If your refund amount is $25.00 or less, it will reflect as a Credit Memo for you to use against any FY2019 liability or you can request that amount be refunded back to your district. Please send your request to
  • Any refund due to the district on the “Employer Activity” portion of the statement will not be sent to the district if there is an “Employee Activity” balance.

Please note: Employer Services will not carry any balances forward as of FY2018. All balances must be paid by September 14, 2018.

Details of the transactions shown on your statement may be found in the Employer Statement application on eSERS. For instructions on how to read your statement and how to make payment, please refer to the Employer Statement How To.

Any amount due to SERS, including any Employee Activity amount, must be paid by September 14, 2018.


Surcharge Also Available

Your Surcharge calculations are complete. Please access the Surcharge application from eSERS. Summary information for the most recent fiscal year is displayed, including the invoice amount after all adjustments. You also can download calculation details.

Unless your district is paying the surcharge through the foundation program, you have 30 days from the date of the notice to pay the invoice amount. If you are unsure if your district is paying the surcharge through the foundation program, please refer to your Foundation Deduction letter.

Payments are due no later than September 14, 2018.

For further information on the annual surcharge, please refer to the Surcharge Fact Sheet.

If you have questions about your invoice, please e-mail Employer Services, or call 1-877-213-0861.

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