Employer Notice – Penalties Resuming Aug. 1, 2018

Due to the launch of the new eSERS system, reporting and payment penalties were temporarily suspended.

Now that that everyone is acclimated to the system, and employers grasp the new roles and responsibilities of reporting and payments, SERS will start applying penalties again beginning August 1, 2018.

It is important that school districts remit accurate and timely payroll reporting and payment. This information is needed for the calculation and payment of benefits to members or their beneficiaries. For a description of reporting and payment penalties visit the Penalties page for more details.

Ohio law requires SERS to impose reporting and payment penalties for lateness. There is no allowance for one-time forgiveness.

SERS may extend a due date for “good cause” if the request is received before the original due date.

More information on penalties and a penalties FAQ is available in the Special Notice sent June 29, 2018.

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