Employer Statements and Surcharge Report Available on eSERS

Both Payments Due No Later than September 12, 2019

Employer Statements

The statement includes contribution and payment detail for the fiscal year as posted through August 2, 2019.

Any activity for fiscal year 2019 received after August 2, 2019, will be posted to next year’s statement.

Any amount due to SERS must be paid by September 12, 2019. Remember:

  • This includes any Employee Activity amount
  • No balances are carried forward
  • The Foundation Program is not used to pay statements

For instructions on how to read your statement and make a payment, refer to the How To: Employer Statement.

Surcharge Report

Your Surcharge calculations are complete. The summary information for the most recent fiscal year is displayed, including the invoice amount after all adjustments.

Unless your district is paying the Surcharge through the Foundation Program, payments are due no later than September 12, 2019. If you are unsure whether your district pays through the Foundation Program, refer to your Foundation Deduction Letter, which also is found on eSERS.

For more information on the Surcharge, refer to the Employer Services Fact Sheet Surcharge.

Payment Remittance

A payment remittance is required with your payment. Complete it through eSERS. If you have questions, email Employer Services at, or call 1-877-213-0861.


Any amount not received by September 12, 2019, will be considered late and will be subject to a penalty.