Have You Signed Up for an Educational Opportunity?

The end of another school year is here, which is a good time to check some things off your SERS to-do list:

  • Register for online access to your account.
    • Review your personal information: address, phone number, and email address
    • Add or review your beneficiary designation
    • Create an estimate of benefits
  • Sign up for a Retiring with SERS Webinar
    • Designed for members within one year of retirement
    • Offered monthly through December 2020
  • Watch an educational video.
    • If you’re new to SERS, we cover a variety of topics including: contributions, service credit, and eligibility for service retirement.
    • If you’re close to retirement, we cover Social Security’s Offset and Windfall provisions, and preparing for retirement.
  • Watch one of our recorded webinars on Disability or Wage Certification.
    • The disability webinar discusses what you will need to know about the disability application, the approval process, and how to complete disability certifications
    • The wage certification webinar covers the different types of wage certifications and shows you how to complete them
  • Watch an Employer Education Web Series tutorial video.
    • Topics include:
      • Service Retirement and Refund Wage Certification
      • SERS-Covered Membership; Web User Registration
      • Forgot User ID and Password
      • Change Existing Password
      • Contractor Maintenance; Member Enrollment
      • eSERS Tutorials:
        • Payroll Schedule Entry
        • Extending Payroll Schedules
        • Managing a Payroll Schedule for a Three-Week Pay Period
        • Contribution Reporting
        • Contribution Reporting – Adjustments
        • Contribution Reporting – Errors and Warnings
        • Contribution Reporting – Copy Forward
        • Applying a Credit Memo
        • Signing Up for ACH Debit
        • Payment Remittance
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