Helpful Tips for Employers for the New School Year

With the new school year, there are several responsibilities that Employer Services would like our employers to remember. These include remembering to:

  • Upload any new or updated Pick-up Plans via eSERS in the Pick-up Plan application.
  • Update the Contacts/Web User Maintenance application with any new Web Users or terminate Web Users that are no longer with the district. Only the Employer Web Administrator can do this.
  • Complete the required form if there is a new Employer Web Administrator (EWA) for your district and email it to
  • Review your contribution file prior to posting to make sure your adjustments are included with your file.
  • If you have posted your file and the liability in the Payment Remittance application does not match the amount your records show, this is an indicator that an adjustment may have been missed.

Provide your Employer ID when you email Employer Services so that we can expedite your request.

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