Instructions on Reporting and Payment during Coronavirus School Closure

SERS is committed to serving the needs of our employers while ensuring the safety and health of everyone, including the community at large. We are following all state and federal guidelines regarding the coronavirus.
Although the Governor has ordered all Ohio schools closed, it is our understanding that many schools will be paying their classified staff during this time. Schools will need to continue to contribute to SERS on these earnings, and contributions still will need to be reported and paid on these calamity days. In addition, days and hours also will need to be reported.
While contribution reporting and payment in a timely manner are still of the utmost importance, these are unusual and unprecedented circumstances. As a result, SERS is extending the due date for contribution reporting and payment for all pay dates from March 16, 2020, through April 3, 2020; penalties are suspended during that time period. The new due date is April 10, 2020.