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Service Retirement Estimate Request Form
Information submitted via this form is encrypted for transmission and is not stored on a publicly accessible server.
Your Information
Be sure to complete all fields included in this section so SERS can verify that our records are correct.
First and Last Name: *
Social Security Number (last 4 digits): *
Date of Birth:
Email: *
Beneficiary Information
Please complete all fields in this section. This information allows SERS to provide you an estimate that includes amounts for each plan of payment that is available to you.
Name of Beneficiary:
Beneficiary Type:
Beneficiary's Date of Birth:
Service Credit Information
If you have other Ohio public retirement system service credit, you may be eligible to combine that service credit with your SERS time.
Have you ever contributed to another Ohio public retirement system? (STRS, PERS, etc.) If so, which?
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)
State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS)
Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund (OP&F)
Highway Patrol Retirement System (HPRS)
Retirement Dates
In this section, please provide the last date of employment that you plan to have with the schools. We suggest that you request multiple estimates so you can compare figures and determine the date of retirement that works for you.
Last date of employment with the school:
When do you wish to retire?
Please provide an additional estimate with the retirement date of:
Please provide an additional estimate with the retirement date of: