At-Home COVID Test Kits Available to Non-Medicare Enrollees

The Biden Administration requires private insurance plans to provide up to eight COVID-19 test kits for a $0 co-pay through the insurance pharmacy benefit.

This federal requirement ONLY applies to SERS’ non-Medicare plans.

Aetna Choice POS II and Aetna Traditional Choice plan participants can visit an Express Scripts network pharmacy and select a COVID-19 at-home test. Bring the test to the pharmacy counter register — not the general check-out — and present the Express Scripts ID card to the pharmacist. The pharmacist processes the test for a $0 co-pay. These tests are not available from Express Scripts mail order.

You also can submit for reimbursement if you pay without using your Express Scripts card. Go to and obtain the reimbursement form to submit with your proof of purchase. Reimbursement is limited to $12 per test if not purchased directly through a participating Express Scripts pharmacy.

AultCare PPO plan participants can visit the AultCare website or call customer service number on the back of their ID card for reimbursement information.

If you are enrolled in Medicare, you can request four free test kits per household by visiting In addition, local health departments, libraries, and community centers also may offer free tests.

Please be aware that scammers have created websites that offer free kits but want payment information for shipping costs or processing fees. To protect yourself from credit card theft, avoid these websites.

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