Power of Attorney (POA)

In some instances, such as a hospital or nursing home stay, you may not be able to handle your financial matters. At times like these, many people find it helpful to have a trusted friend or relative act on their behalf and handle pressing financial matters. If you, as a retiree, want someone other than yourself to handle your SERS-related financial and health care needs, you must provide SERS with either a General Power of Attorney Form or a Limited Power of Attorney Form.

This is necessary because, in addition to the retiree, SERS’ pension checks may only be cashed by authorized individuals. In order for another person to have authority to handle a SERS pension, the retiree must grant Power of Attorney to someone, or a probate court must appoint a guardian for the retiree.

A Limited Power of Attorney Form is available upon request from SERS. The filing of a Limited Power of Attorney Form also will allow the designated person to change the address to the location where the payment is being sent.


A guardian might need to be appointed by a probate court when a retiree becomes unable to handle financial matters.

A copy of the appointment of the guardian must be filed with SERS. This information is necessary so that we know how to prepare future payments and where to send them.

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