Sometimes, you may need to make changes to certain information provided in a previously submitted Contribution Report.

Before submitting an adjustment, confirm that the original Contribution Report has been received by SERS by using the “Employer Reporting Detail Lookup” application on eSERS.

All adjustments must be made through eSERS.

Adjustments can be used to add or remove information from a Contribution Record previously submitted to SERS.

You may have to make an adjustment for:

  • Contribution amounts
  • Tax treatment of contributions
  • Days reported
  • Hours reported
  • Reporting to the wrong retirement system

If an adjustment needs to be entered for unreported information from a prior fiscal year, contact Employer Services to determine the proper reporting process.

When completing a negative adjustment, your district will accrue a credit memo for employee and employer contributions. Before the contribution liability is paid, the credit memo will need to be applied.

For instructions on entering in an adjustment and applying your credit memo, please refer to the eSERS Guide.

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