Remitting Payments

It is important to remit all payments promptly and accurately. If an organization is remitting payments for more than one employer, separate remittance documents need to be entered for each separate employer.

Payment Remittance

Payment remittance information for all payments, including employee and employer contributions, service credit purchase payroll deductions, surcharge, etc., must be entered electronically through eSERS. The remittance provides the employer with a record of payments and ensures the proper allocation of the payments to the correct SERS accounts.

This can only be completed in eSERS.

To avoid a penalty, the payment remittance must be submitted with your payment.

Please refer to the eSERS Guide for further information on payment remittance.

Forms of Payment

ACH Debit

As the preferred method to remit payments, ACH Debit is an electronic funds transfer initiated in eSERS through the Payment Remittance application indicating the date and amount to be withdrawn from the employer’s designated account.


EFT is an electronic wire transfer you initiate with the bank. For an EFT, contact your bank and provide the account information for SERS. Please contact Employer Services at 1-877-213-0861 or if you have any questions.


Checks and money orders must be mailed to the SERS lockbox, (NOT the SERS office on Broad St.) at:

Columbus, Ohio 43260-1617

Expedited payments to the bank for lockbox processing must be delivered prior to 11 a.m. for same-day processing to:

Huntington National Bank
7 Easton Oval
Attention: Wholesale Lockbox L-1617
Columbus, Ohio 43219

To avoid a penalty, the payment remittance must be submitted with your payment.

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