The Foundation Program

Foundation-participating districts pay employer charges through the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce School Foundation Program.

Foundation Program deductions are calculated annually.

The process starts in the spring with the submission of a salary estimate. This includes any SERS contributions that will be reported in the upcoming fiscal year. The estimate is entered through eSERS during a specified period of time. A district can make as many corrections and comments as necessary during this time.

If an estimate has not been provided, SERS will calculate an estimate for the district.

The SERS-calculated estimate will take the current year’s estimate and add 3%. SERS will multiply this estimate by the current employer rate, which is 14%, to calculate the estimated annual employer charges.

Foundation Deduction Changes

Periodic adjustments may be made during the year based on the changing circumstances of each employer. Such adjustments may be initiated by either the employer or SERS.

If a community school fails to remit any employee contribution payments, such amounts may be added to their deductions.

Foundation Deduction Letters

Once all of the information is compiled, the deduction is calculated, and SERS uploads the Foundation Deduction Letters in the eSERS Foundation Deduction Notice application. The letters list each item that is being collected through the Foundation.

Once the letters are uploaded, a district has the opportunity to make any adjustments before SERS certifies the new annual amounts to the DEW.

If there are insufficient Foundation Program funds available to satisfy the SERS Foundation Program deduction, the employer is responsible for remitting the difference directly to SERS.

The employer will be notified of a shortage during the Annual Statement Balance period.

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