Financial Reports

The Monthly Administrative Expense Reports contain information about SERS’ day-to-day operating expenses and is provided in both summary and detail formats.

SERS is committed to financial transparency. Because we are dedicated to providing easy access to public records, SERS posts monthly administrative expenses and those of the previous fiscal year. The Board reviews these checkbook expenditures every month. If you have questions about these reports or the information contained within them, please contact Tim Barbour, senior manager – external communications, by email at

FY2023 Administrative Expense Reports
July 2022 July 2022
August 2022 August 2022
September 2022 September 2022
October 2022 October 2022
November 2022 November 2022
December 2022 December 2022
January 2023 January 2023
February 2023 February 2023
March 2023 March 2023
April 2023 April 2023
May 2023 May 2023
June 2023 June 2023
FY2022 Administrative Expense Reports
July 2021 July 2021
August 2021 August 2021
September 2021 September 2021
October 2021 October 2021
November 2021 November 2021
December 2021 December 2021
January 2022 January 2022
February 2022 February 2022
March 2022 March 2022
April 2022 April 2022
May 2022 May 2022
June 2022 June 2022

The Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) is an overview of the financial health, investment performance, demographics, and key accomplishments of the last fiscal year. All of the financial information summarized in this publication can be found in more detail in our Annual Financial Report.

Publication Name
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2021
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2020
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2019
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2018
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2017
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2016
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2015
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2014
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2013
Summary Annual Financial Report (SAFR) – 2012

The Monthly Investment Report is provided to SERS’ Retirement Board at every Board meeting. It contains a snapshot of the System’s investments for the month ending two months before the Board meeting.

Publication Name
Monthly Investment Report
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