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  • Employer Bulletin – 9/21/22 – Membership and Compensation Determinations Reminders, Helpful Tips for the New School Year, Employer 101 Virtual Training
  • Employer Bulletin – 1/27/22 – Compensation and COVID Payments, Compensation and Membership Determinations, Electronic Payments, New Employer Outreach Team Member, Training Opportunities, Reporting Reminders
  • Employer Bulletin – 8/16/21 – Employer Statements and Surcharge Report Available on eSERS, Membership and Compensation Determinations, Rule Amended: Employer Liability for Reporting Errors Established
  • Employer Bulletin – 12/7/20 – Contribution Reporting: Notes for Suppressing a Warning, Disability Webinar Coming Soon, Employer Reporting Detail Lookup, Inactive Members: New Enrollment Required, Files in Review Status
  • Employer Bulletin – 8/10/20 – Employer Statements and Surcharge Report Available on eSERS, Membership and Compensation Determinations, Virtual Employer Education, Resources Update: Online Publications Available
  • Employer Bulletin – 1/22/20 – Employer Contributions, Manual Enrollment Entry Tips, Educational Resources
  • Employer Bulletin – 7/9/19 – Apply Credit Memos, Summer Employer 101 Workshops Available, Tips for Avoiding Penalties, Mail Your Payments to the SERS Lockbox, Employer Education Web Series, Wage Certifications, Membership and Compensation Determinations, All Aboard New SERS Staff
  • Employer Bulletin – 12/4/18 – Membership Determinations, Updated Screens for Credit Memos, Service Credit Purchase, Service Credit Purchase Payroll Deduction, and eSERS Hands-on Training
  • Employer Bulletin – 5/9/18 – Extending Payroll Schedules, Pick-Up Plans in eSERS, Reporting First Dates of Service, and eSERS Errors and Warnings
  • Employer Bulletin – 2/6/18 – Penalties, Independent Contractors and Contract Employees, and COLA Changes
  • Employer Bulletin – 5/12/17 – Member Enrollment, Contract Employers and Membership Determinations, and COLA Legislation
  • Employer Bulletin – 10/17/16 – Customized Training with Employer Outreach, Member Enrollments, Audit Resources, and Pension Reform
  • Employer Bulletin – 6/21/16 – Surcharge and Statements Due Dates, Contract Employees and Membership Determinations, Summer Reporting for Days and Hours, Benefits of ACH Debit, and Basics of Surcharge and Employer Statements
  • Employer Bulletin – 3/25/16 – Salary Estimates, Membership and Compensation Determinations, Exclusion from Membership, and Submitting SSA-1945 Forms
  • Employer Bulletin – 1/6/16 – Updating Your Staff, Employer Outreach Training Visits, Moving Due Dates, Eligibility for Health Care Changing
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