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  • Employer Bulletin – 12/4/18 – Membership Determinations, Updated Screens for Credit Memos, Service Credit Purchase, Service Credit Purchase Payroll Deduction, and eSERS Hands-on Training
  • Employer Bulletin – 5/9/18 – Extending Payroll Schedules, Pick-Up Plans in eSERS, Reporting First Dates of Service, and eSERS Errors and Warnings
  • Employer Bulletin – 2/6/18 – Penalties, Independent Contractors and Contract Employees, and COLA Changes
  • Employer Bulletin – 5/12/17 – Member Enrollment, Contract Employers and Membership Determinations, and COLA Legislation
  • Employer Bulletin – 10/17/16 – Customized Training with Employer Outreach, Member Enrollments, Audit Resources, and Pension Reform
  • Employer Bulletin – 6/21/16 – Surcharge and Statements Due Dates, Contract Employees and Membership Determinations, Summer Reporting for Days and Hours, Benefits of ACH Debit, and Basics of Surcharge and Employer Statements
  • Employer Bulletin – 3/25/16 – Salary Estimates, Membership and Compensation Determinations, Exclusion from Membership, and Submitting SSA-1945 Forms
  • Employer Bulletin – 1/6/16 – Updating Your Staff, Employer Outreach Training Visits, Moving Due Dates, Eligibility for Health Care Changing