Cyber Incident? Notify SERS

As with most cyber incidents, the speed of the response is critical. Employer Services asks that you notify SERS of any significant cyber incident, including ransomware or business email compromise, within 72 hours of discovery.

Often, sending an email may not be possible. In such cases, contacting Employer Services by phone at 1-877-213-0861 and requesting a conference call may be the best route to take.

We will work to accommodate your schedule, exercise discretion with information shared, and treat it as we do our most sensitive information.

If you prefer to correspond via email, you can contact Employer Services at

We request that you provide the following information related to cyber incidents:

  • Date when first learnedof incident
  • Initial impact summary
  • Forensic information that can be shared
  • How it happened
  • What information was taken
  • What actions you have taken to remedy the situation
  • How to reach relevant contacts within your organization
  • Which phase of Incident Response you are in:
    • Identification, Containment, Eradication, or Recovery

Thank you for helping SERS protect your data.

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