Medicare Enrollment During COVID-19

Social Security offices have temporarily suspended in-person assistance. Until offices reopen to visitors, here are other ways to complete your Medicare enrollment.

Auto Enrollment in Medicare

If you are receiving a Social Security check prior to your 65th birthday, Medicare Part A and Part B enrollment is automatic. Look for your Medicare ID card to arrive in the mail prior to your birthday.

Sign up Online or Make a Telephone Appointment

If you are not receiving a Social Security check or you are not eligible for one, you must apply for your Medicare benefits.

  • The easiest way to apply is by going to
  • You also can call Social Security to schedule an appointment to enroll over the telephone. Depending on the call volume, you may have a wait to speak to someone.

We suggest that you call your local Social Security office directly rather than calling the national toll-free number. You can find your local office’s phone number on Scroll down the webpage to the “Locate an Office by Zip” button.

If You Were Hired by the Schools Before April 1, 1986

Call your local Social Security office to schedule a telephone appointment rather than applying online. School employees hired before April 1986 were not required to pay Medicare taxes while working.

If you were married for at least 10 years and a current spouse, former spouse or late spouse paid Medicare taxes, you will qualify for premium-free Part A based on his or her work record.

If Social Security tells you that you are not eligible for premium-free Part A through your own work record or a spouse’s work record AND you are enrolling in a SERS Medicare Plan – do not sign up for Medicare Part A. Tell the Social Security representative that you want to sign up for Medicare B only. Your SERS coverage will cover any hospital services normally covered under Part A.


For more information on how to sign up for Medicare Part B, visit Social Security Matters, the official blog of Social Security.

Before You Call: Answers to Frequently Asked QuestionsCLICK HERE