Members and Retirees Will Share in Coronavirus Rebates

Update 5/20/20: If you do not have internet access, you can now contact the IRS by phone at 1-800-919-9835 to check on the status of your stimulus payment.

SERS members do not pay into Social Security, so some may be wondering if they qualify for the new Coronavirus Relief Bill, or CARES Act, which President Trump signed into law on Friday.

The answer is yes.

Everyone in the U.S. is eligible for the rebates as long as they have a Social Security number and do not exceed certain household income thresholds. The new economic stimulus bill has no exclusions on the type of income, such as Social Security, public pensions, or other benefits.

Non-filers who meet the eligibility requirements also are eligible to receive a rebate. Non-filers can provide necessary information easily and quickly so the IRS can determine eligibility and payment amount here.

The federal government is updating rebate rules to make it easier for retirees to receive their rebate money. The IRS will post all key information to as soon as it becomes available.

Please see the House Committee on Ways & Means’ CARES Act FAQ handout for answers to commonly asked questions.

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