SERS Named Seventh Highest Private Equity Earner

The American Investment Council (AIC), a private equity advocacy and research organization, released its annual Public Pension Study this week, naming School Employees Retirement System of Ohio number seven on their list of top pension funds with the highest private equity returns.

The AIC study analyzed investment returns for 176 U.S. public pension funds, showing that private equity leads all asset classes in long-term investment performance. SERS had the seventh highest 10-year annualized return with 17.6%. The median among all public pension funds included in the study was 9%.

CIO Farouki Majeed responded to the report with the following statement:

“Ohio SERS is pleased to be ranked among the top 10 in Private Equity returns for the 10 years ending June 30, 2021, with a return of 17.6%. Our Private Equity portfolio has consistently generated the highest return in the SERS portfolio over rolling 10-year periods for many years and has contributed to the long term sustainability of the pension plan. The strategy pursued by staff in target markets has been successful and has also resulted in lower fees.”

Read the full report on the AIC website.


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