Emails about STRS Elections Erroneously Sent to SERS Members

On April 7, 2022, staff at the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS) alerted SERS that someone sent a series of emails to STRS and SERS members in several school districts supporting specific individuals in an upcoming STRS Board election.

These emails were NOT sent from STRS and originated from another source.

SERS members should DISREGARD these emails. SERS members are only permitted to vote in SERS elections, NOT STRS elections.

Like SERS, STRS staff does NOT endorse specific candidates during an election. All candidates receive equal opportunities to present their backgrounds and qualifications to the voting membership.

Email addresses and phone numbers are protected information that SERS does not share with anyone. We are unsure how the SERS email addresses were collected. We ask SERS members to continue to look closely at emails they receive and to report any suspicious emails that appear to come from SERS to our Member Support Team at 800.878.5853.


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