Important Websites and Phone Numbers

While SERS is happy to assist you with your retirement or health care needs, sometimes it is necessary to contact the plan administrator directly.


Legitimate calls are often made on behalf of SERS’ Health Care Services. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a listing of vendors who are SERS’ Health Care Partners.

Aetna Choice POS II
TDD: 711

Aetna Traditional Choice Plan
TDD: 711


Aetna Medicare℠ Plan (PPO)
TDD: 711

AultCare PPO
Local: 330-363-6360
TDD: 1-866-633-4752

Delta Dental
TDD: 711

Group #: 1200-0001-0002

Express Scripts (Medicare)
TDD: 1-800-716-3231

Express Scripts (Non-Medicare)
TDD: 1-800-759-1089

(SERS’ Marketplace Wraparound Plan)


TDD: 1-877-486-2048

Social Security Administration
TDD: 1-800-325-0778

VSP Vision Care
TDD: 1-800-428-4833

Group #: 30041628

TruHearing for VSP enrollees

SERS Health Care Partners

Medical and prescription drug plans often call enrollees regarding a prescription fill or programs for in-home health assessments, diabetes prevention, or care management.

Medicare regulations also require that specific calls are made during the year.

You may receive a call or mailings from one of SERS’ partners, but at no time will any SERS partner ask for payment in the form of gift cards or threaten you with legal action for not complying.

Some organizations making legitimate calls to retirees on SERS’ behalf include:

Know Your Rx

Know Your Rx pharmacists handle Medication Cost Estimates, review pharmacy claims, and call Aetna enrollees who may have a prescription alternative available.

For example, a dose of a tablet medication may be much less expensive than the capsule version and have the same effect for the patient. In such cases, a switch to the tablet could save money for the retiree and the SERS plan without changing the treatment outcome. These small opportunities make a big difference, helping to save thousands of dollars across our entire group.

With your consent, the Know Your Rx pharmacist will contact the prescriber to discuss a possible change.

The pharmacist will not ask for any financial information and only discusses prescription issues. The discussion is confidential.


Disability recipients joining SERS’ health care coverage can expect a call from Centauri. This organization assists eligible disability retirees in filing paperwork for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

Service retirees may also receive a call from Centauri if their claim history indicates a possible benefit from this process.

SERS members approved for SSDI might not receive a monthly income benefit from Social Security, but would qualify for Medicare before age 65, which is significantly less expensive.


SaveonSP makes calls to Aetna Choice POS II enrollees taking certain specialty medications who are eligible for a co-pay assistance program through a drug manufacturer.

Express Scripts’ specialty pharmacy, Accredo, determines whether a specialty medication is eligible for co-pay assistance. If so, the retiree is contacted by SaveonSP to enroll and lower his or her cost to $0. SaveonSP only contacts retirees if the specialty medication qualifies for the program.


UMR helps non-Medicare members understand what premium and plan coverage is available through the federal Marketplace. In most situations, Marketplace coverage combined with Wraparound Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) reimbursements from SERS in most cases is more affordable than SERS’ traditional group coverage.

Signify Health

Every year, Aetna Medicare Advantage members can participate in the Healthy Home Visit program. The annual in-home assessment, which is free for SERS Aetna Medicare Plan enrollees, is provided by a licensed and board-certified nurse practitioner or doctor. Signify Health administers this program on behalf of Aetna.

Hinge Health

Hinge Health is a digital exercise therapy benefit program that offers personalized care plans and coaching to help people accomplish their health goals related to musculoskeletal (back, muscle, and joint) health. It is free to qualifying Aetna Choice POS II enrollees and does not replace formal physical therapy.

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