Website Redesign: You Are Our Top Priority

The main objective of our website is to serve you.

Not only is our newly redesigned website more intuitive, easy to navigate, equipped with dropdown menus, responsive to all types of learners, and compatible with both mobile and desktop platforms, it’s fresh and attractive. In fact, it’s downright slick. It practically operates itself.

Our goal is to provide you with an easier way to access information. The website is organized so that members, retirees, and employers alike are able to quickly find what they need. It offers clearly defined paths for these groups, along with a variety of features.

The website has improved functionality, including hyperlinks, printable and electronically-accessible forms and publications, a robust search engine, online event registration, fast-loading pages, frequent login opportunities, and minimal scroll, as well as prominent navigation planes. Menus have been placed in numerous locations, including at the top of the site. There also is a “Quick links” dropdown menu on the side of the homepage.

The new design uses consistent layout themes and repetitive elements to create a distinct presence for the organization. It also helps you recognize that as a SERS member, retiree, or employer, you are in the right place.


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