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  • Employer Bulletin – 2/21/24 – Cyber Incident? Notify SERS, SERS-Covered Membership and Contractors, Compensation Determinations, Member Enrollment Reminders
  • Employer Bulletin – 11/6/23 – Board Sets CBBC Factor at 6.25, eSERS Registration Update, SERS-Covered Membership and Covered Compensation Reminders
  • Employer Bulletin – 2/27/23 – Reminder: New Requirement for Member Enrollments, eSERS Upgrade, Contribution Based Benefit Cap, Upcoming Employer Training
  • Employer Bulletin – 9/21/22 – Membership and Compensation Determinations Reminders, Helpful Tips for the New School Year, Employer 101 Virtual Training
  • Employer Bulletin – 1/27/22 – Compensation and COVID Payments, Compensation and Membership Determinations, Electronic Payments, New Employer Outreach Team Member, Training Opportunities, Reporting Reminders
  • Employer Bulletin – 8/16/21 – Employer Statements and Surcharge Report Available on eSERS, Membership and Compensation Determinations, Rule Amended: Employer Liability for Reporting Errors Established
  • Employer Bulletin – 12/7/20 – Contribution Reporting: Notes for Suppressing a Warning, Disability Webinar Coming Soon, Employer Reporting Detail Lookup, Inactive Members: New Enrollment Required, Files in Review Status
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